1st edition of “SPĄG”*Fundraising Course Magda Rybak 2022-06-08

1st edition of “SPĄG”*Fundraising Course

The first edition of the “Spąg” Fundraising Course is behind us. The course aims to transfer knowledge and skills to participants within the frame of “professional begging”, that is, collecting money for charity activities from individuals and business people. Fundraising constitutes an interdisciplinary area, therefore the course also covers topics related to fundraising, such as the mission and vision of our organization, promotion of activities, communication, sponsorship, 1% tax donation or issues connected with negotiations.

Our main intention is to spread the knowledge about fundraising, as well as to highlight the importance of this field. We perceive fundraising as a key to gaining financial independence of every organization.

The first edition of the course was attended by the employees from the Academy of Social Innovation, the Vocational Development Centre (ZAZ) “Manufaktura Pietraszki”, the Municipal Family Assistance Center and the Specialist Support Center for Victims of Domestic Violence in Kielce.

*spąg – (geol. geology) lower surface limiting the rock layer. English equivalent: footwall, floor, bottom.