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Labour, passion, support

Our company has established a foundation (Fundacja Świętokrzyskich Kopalnii Surowców Mineralnych “Kaganek”). Its main objective is to emphasize the relationship with our activities, history and values. The establishment of the foundation started a new, very crucial stage in the company’s life. Nowadays, in addition to our core business, we aim to engage in charitable and educational activities on a regular basis. The foundation was established in order to provide support in areas which seem to be crucial for us. We create a community of passionate people working in favour of the development of our region. However, we still wish to achieve higher goals.

Thanks to our work and commitment we can support our immediate surroundings. You don’t have to be a millionaire, a scientist or an artist to help others and change the world. All you need is your heart in the right place. It is not only our company that can help but also each of us as an individual.

It has to be highlighted that the time, money and knowledge we donate to support others will not return in the form we used to receive a return on our investments so far. However, our actions will surely change other people’s lives for the better. It can be seen in the smile of a child, in finding a solution to a problem in a no-win situation or in the word “thank you”. Goodness is the only investment which never fails and has the biggest interest rate.

Our principles:
  • We believe that everyone deserves a chance. Therefore, we are always willing to lend a helping hand.
  • We believe that everyone has potential – that is why we wish to create conditions for its development.
  • We are aware that activation, stimulation to action and development can be an impulse for a breakthrough. Hence, apart from wise financial help, we also attempt to equip others with competences that allow them to develop independently.
  • It is crucial for us to discover the goodness in our immediate surroundings, among us and local communities.
  • We believe that by helping one person we multiply goodness and transmit positive values.
  • We feel that tailor-made help is the most effective, therefore we value flexibility and the ability to adapt help to the person in need.
  • Effective altruism - doing as much good as possible in the most effective way, seems to be the most crucial issue for us.
Foundation authorities
Foundation Management Board:
Małgorzata Gawęcka
President of the Foundation
Foundation's Supervisory Board:
Magdalena Szczukiewicz


Agnieszka Buras
Michał Miziołek
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