“SZYCHTA”* SUPPORT PROGRAMME msurgiel 2022-06-08


As part of the first edition of the “Szychta” support programme, 88 applications for support were received. Our individual evaluation consisted in assigning points according to each of the projects with the announced regulations. It was agreed that  the 5 highest rated applications from each area would be co-financed. A total of 20 applications were selected for funding. Due to the fact that only 4 applications were submitted in the field of ​​environmental protection and sustainable development (1 of them received 0 points), and only 5 applications in the field of ​​support for people at risk of social exclusion received 60% of all points, it was decided that the limit of applications will be extended to 3 applications in the field of ​​security. The decision stemmed from the fact that this field received the biggest number of applications and the highest scores.

*szychta – a crew of miners who work for a specific period of time. English equivalent: shift.


  1. The Association of the Residents of Piaseczna Górka “Z Górki” for the project “Creating a network of Reverse Vending Machines – we encourage local communities to protect the environment by segregating cans”
  2. Culture and Sports Center in Chęciny for the project ” Familiar with ecology from an early age”
  3. The Association Supporting Rural Development of Grabowiec for the ecological workshop “Zielony Parapet (Green Window Sill)”


  1. The “Positively Twisted” Association in Ostrowiec for the project “Sign with us”
  2. The Roman Catholic Parish of Saint Brother Albert Chmielowski for the project “Christmas Eve at Saint Brother Albert “
  3. The “Enter” Association for the project “Christmas decoration” – assistance for night shelters located in Starachowice.
  4. The “Safe House” Association for the project “Magic of the Christmas House”


  1. The Muncipal Public Library in Miedziana Góra for the project “A dream place for children in the library in Bobrza “
  2. The ASUMPT Association for the project “Green Education Zone”
  3. The “Salve Regina” Social Cooperative for the project “Upbringing and development of children and youth via playing chess”
  4. The “Inspiration and Development” Foundation for the project ” Youth and Volunteering Centre”
  5. The Rural Housewives’ Circle in Grabowiec for the project “Factory of Christmas delicacies and decorations”


  1. The Volunteer Fire Brigade in Zaborowice – purchase of a multi-gas detector and talks with primary school students in Zaborowice and Rogowice
  2. The Volunteer Fire Brigade in Bogoria – purchase of a professional set of cordless power tools
  3. The Volunteer Fire Brigade in Warzyna – project entitled “It’s safer with thermovision”
  4. The Volunteer Fire Brigade in Grzymałków – purchase of combat gloves and balaclavas
  5. The Volunteer Fire Brigade in Lipa – purchase of a defibrillator (AED)
  6. The Volunteer Fire Brigade in Samsonów – purchase of a thermal imaging camera and a multi-gas detector
  7. The Volunteer Fire Brigade in Belno – project entitled “The purchase and installation of an external AED defibrillator and a series of trainings for members of the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Belno and the Youth Fire Team in the field of cardiopulmonary resuscitation with the use of AED”.
  8. The Volunteer Fire Brigade in Chęciny – project entitled “Immunizing a firefighter against cancer”